Leftover mincemeat? Not in our house

OK so we may be guilty of making industrial quantities of mincemeat, but there’s rarely more than a solitary jar left over every year. Here are two ideas for using up leftover mincemeat, if you should have any.

1. Get a croissant, split it and spread a good spoonful of mincemeat inside. Re-form it into a croissant shape and stick it in a hot oven (or even under the grill) for a few minutes to heat through. Take it out, open it up again and spread some thick cream (or creme fraiche, or clotted cream even) over the hot mincemeat. Re-form it into a croissant shape and eat, remembering that hot mincemeat gets REALLY HOT. Repeat until no croissants are left.

2. Use mincemeat as a base for a Christmassy apple pie or crumble – spread a couple of big spoonfuls over the base of your uncooked pie crust (or pie dish if you’re doing crumble) then proceed as with a normal apple pie or crumble – pile apples on top, add the top crust or the crumble, bake as normal. Yum.